Online Dating vs. Traditional Dating in Houston

Some people are natural flirts and find dates quickly, while others struggle with their confidence. Finding the right words to woo a girl (or guy) can always be nerve-wracking. No one likes the thought of rejection.

Luckily, we live in a new age of dating with digital matching services. But is online dating really that different? You will find meeting people online can be a unique and thrilling experience. Since you don’t have to talk face-to-face, you might find it less stressful. Though of course, online dating isn’t for everyone as it can be dangerous, very time consuming, and most matching services require a monthly subscription fee.

Pheramor wants you to make an informed decision in your dating life. So, we created this outline to lay out all the positives and negatives commonly associated with both online and traditional dating for Houston residents. Let us know if we missed anything by commenting below!

Online Dating

Many relationship gurus might see online dating as the wave of the future, but, of course, there are obvious drawbacks. Let’s start with the positives:

The Positives of Online Dating


Traditional dating requires you to get out of the house and make yourself available at places like bars, parties, coffee shops, parks, and malls. You also need to dress up and prepare mentally for physically meeting someone. Many people like adventures along those lines. For others, it’s very tiring and stressful getting out of the house. Some people simply don’t have the ability or time to explore around town for singles.

That’s where online dating comes in to help! Matching services and apps make the dating process simpler by streamlining everything on your profile and finding matches for you – all from the comfort of home. Online dating takes the guesswork out of investigating your dates. In a traditional dating venture, you need to ask the person a lot of questions to gather information about their personality, interests, and values. On the other hand, in searching online, most of the information you want to know about a person should be organized nicely on their profile.

People certainly lie or exaggerate online, but anyone can lie about themselves offline just as easily. With Pheramor, we have the add assurance of accurate matching based on a small percentage of attraction genetics.


Let’s say you do choose to hit up a party and hope to get lucky. How can you be sure what singles will show up there? Maybe there’s 50? 10? Meeting singles the traditional route is exciting but usually based on chance happenings. Even if you meet a cute single, they might not have a particular interest, or you’d have fish out information to get the scope.

The online dating world has the benefit of giving you a potentially unlimited number of people to search for at any given time. And best of all, the Pheramor’s search algorithm will automatically find compatible local matches for you based on your genetic profile. Unlike other apps, you won’t spend time swiping through countless, random creeps. Instead, we guarantee matches with the right person using real scientific data of attraction. Why not try several online apps at once to get the biggest range of candidates? There are probably thousands of online matching services, some of which are very specifics to your desires.

Easy Communication

Traditional, offline dating requires you to speak to someone and maintain a conversation physically. That’s easy enough for some outgoing people. Others aren’t as confident to just approach someone new and start talking. For some reason, hotties can be intimidating. Worse still, you might get nervous and start stuttering, misspeak, and otherwise ruin your chances with an awkward first impression.

At first, online dating involves easy and stress-free chat messages. Later, you can work your way up to exchanging social media, video chatting, and eventually meeting in person. This slow progression of communication can allow you to build confidence in yourself and trust in the other person. You don’t necessarily have to appear “fake” online either. In fact, your digital presence allows you to interact in exciting ways that aren’t possible in person. You can exchange cute emojis and GIFs, send silly videos with filters and voice changers, and, of course, post spicy memes to express your affection. Online dating also allows you time to think and process a response in a chat, rather than experiencing that awkward silence in person. However, don’t leave your crush waiting too long for a reply!

The Negatives of Online Dating

May Seem Impersonal

While it’s relatively easy to set up a profile and await the perfect match online, for many people, the online route seems impersonal. Just talking behind a computer might not give the best picture of someone. By only chatting online, you might find it difficult to interpret someone’s communication. Without body language, how do you tell things like sarcasm or if the “jk” was real? Emojis are sweet, but can they replace real facial expressions? Online dating is new and innovative yet has its limitations. Sadly, you cannot hold their hand or exchange your first kiss over the Internet.

If you choose to date online, you should eventually plan to meet in person and take things further that way. You should carefully consider how far away the person lives and if that geographical barrier will truly hinder your love.

Creeps and Catfish

The Internet has always been a nesting place for predators and sick minded people. The online dating world is no exception to this sad reality. You should have common sense when interacting with people on the web. Just as you would in person, don’t take someone at their word if their story seems off to you. Love can have a funny way of making us lose our sense of our values. Creeps will feed off your emotions to manipulate and pressure you into going further than you feel comfortable – just for their own pleasure. Then they leave and move on to the next person. Never agree to physically meet someone or exchange personal information unless you have complete confidence they are genuine in their desires for you. It never hurts to invite a friend to read over some messages and give their opinion. Do your own research to try to verify any suspect information. “Facebook stalking” can save you from a dangerous situation down the road. And, for your safety, if you do agree to meet up for the first time, make it a public place or with a group of friends.

Also, beware of the “catfish” or a person that posts fake information and pictures to fool you into thinking they’re more impressive than in reality. People set up these fake profiles to scam or troll people for amusement. Some might hope to gain your attention for a real relationship by touching up slightly or Photoshopping pictures. Ask yourself: are his abs really that chiseled or her bottom that voluminous? If you think anything is amiss, you should compare their photos to their social media ones or ask for different angles. Predators lurk all over the web. You don’t want to take any chances.

Pheramor does the work for you here by incorporating genetic and web engagement information to help set up everyone’s profile. Your DNA and web history cannot lie!

Cost Money

The most popular dating services on the web are actually quite expensive. Some, like Zoosk or Tinder, have a free version available, but most dating services have a recurring monthly charge averaging around $30 or a flat yearly fee in the $100 range. If you don’t devote much time to these services, you’ll waste valuable money and end up frustrated.

Conversely, traditional dating is potentially free! You just need to show up to a social gathering and have the confidence to meet someone.

Traditional Dating

Not everyone can be tech savvy or afford the luxury of online dating. That’s okay! The traditional route to finding your soulmate is just as viable. Here are some key benefits and drawback:

Positives of Traditional Dating

Immediate Results

Online dating is relatively easy but takes time to find the right person. Then, after likely weeks of going through matches, you’ll still be stuck gauging their interests as you maintain their attention over the screen. Many potential dates can leave you hanging for a reply for days or more. They could be bored of you, too busy with work, or experiencing connectivity issues. It might be tough to know when you’ve really scored big online.

Dating in person gives you the advantage of immediately being able to evaluate the person and their long-term potential. Did they make you laugh? Did they have manners? Did they smell good? Most of your standards you probably won’t be able to judge fairly from purely online interactions. A face-to-face date will give you a more immediate gut feeling on whether you should move forward with the person.

Opportunities for Affection and Intimacy

Again, online dating has limitations, significantly in terms of no face-to-face interactions. Only traditional dating really provides you a chance to satisfy your mutual physical desires for comfort and security. Hugs and kisses can play an essential role in helping affirm your love.

Many couples find it valuable to establish boundaries in their level of physical affection. However, it’s easy to get emotional and lose sight of your values. If you don’t feel comfortable being touched somehow, you should communicate that clearly. Even in online dating platforms, anyone can send unwanted lewd images of themselves. Set expectations in any relationship.

Sexual intimacy doesn’t always equate to a compatible, long-term relationship. At least, you still have that option in the context of a traditional dating relationship.

Face-to-Face is the Goal in Long-Term Relationships!

Dating strictly online will only allow you to chat and maybe have a “date” over a Skype call. Different online sites will have other interesting features – but for a relationship to progress as you’d expect, you’ll want to take things further in person. Only in person can you genuinely go on dinner dates, meet their family, and eventually propose!

Online dating is a great way to meet new people. It’s a way to start a relationship, but most people would think of face-to-face dating as a way to culminate the experience. You cannot live your lives together trapped online. Travelling out of your way to physically meet an online contact can always be difficult. If the person is continually hesitant of making that commitment, that could be a sign they aren’t serious. Think about your goals in the ideal relationships you want. For a life partner, you’ll need to start dating in person eventually.

Might Be Fewer Surprises

We mentioned how Pheramor gives you a considerable advantage over other services by using DNA and web engagement to scan for potential matches. It’s much harder for a date to lie using our app. Still, no computer system is perfect. While the app analyzes data from someone’s social media, we all know how fake or overly dramatic some people can be on Facebook. Other people don’t even bother updating information on social media. Where does that leave you? You should exercise some common sense when chatting with matches. Ask tough questions just as you would on a traditional date. Even then, how do you really know someone from only some chat messages? There may always be some unforeseen variables. Do they have children from another marriage? Will their income support your future together? Do they have a crazy ex that wants to kill them? Some questions you shouldn’t leave up to an algorithm to decide.

Surprises aren’t fun for anyone. Nevertheless, traditional dating can prevent some of those instances. It’s easy to hide who you are over a computer screen. On the flip side, most people aren’t good liars in person. Body language and fumbling words can blow someone’s cover. Besides, in traditional dating, you can have a wingman do some detective work. You could even confirm some information by talking with their family or friends. Careful! If you snoop too much, it might be a sign of paranoia. Regardless, you have way more ability to keep your partner accountable in face-to-face dating.

The Negatives of Traditional Dating

Geographically Limited

With choosing to meet singles in person, you can only date as far as you can travel. Usually, you’re limited to your city boundaries. You might find attractive singles at work, your neighborhood, church, and entertainment venues. Other than that, you’re stuck with whoever happens to be around you. If you reside in a rural town or suburb, you might be out of luck. You could wait patiently for circumstances to change, otherwise online dating gives you a potentially unlimited number of matches from around the world. If you’re picky about your date’s gender, age, and features, online dating will be an easier way to hone in on your preferences.

Requires More TIme and Effort

Finding the right partner for any long-term relationships will always take time and hard work. People tend to see online interactions much more causal than face-to-face ones. If someone doesn’t respond to a message right away, you can probably safely assume they are busy or the connection is bad. And, without being right in front of you, a match could be more bold or light-hearted than usual.

Someone ignoring you in person is way different! When you online, you have the luxury of processing and editing your messages just right before sending. In person, you have to be confident to speak naturally to impress your date. More than that, you should know when not to talk and just listen.

While online you chat as you’re able between time zones and work, in person you should do your best to completely assure them of your comfort and love.

If you want any traditional relationship to succeed, you need to invest a lot of effort. You have to make sacrifices for your future together. You might have to give up a bad habit that harms both of you. Through a powerful and lasting relationship, you might have to overcome financial and emotional burdens together. You’ll have your first real argument and hopefully learn from it. The future of your relationship might be uncertain.

In the end, you have to trust each other and be open with struggles.

Whatever your relationship goals, you can rely on Pheramor to find you the right match! Download the app and order your swab kit today. The future of dating is here!