Female Founders of Pheramor Crush Competition in StartHereNow

The female founders of Pheramor, Asma Mirza and Brittany Barreto, took home the first place prize for the best new tech-startup led by women at the StartHereNow competition. StartHereNow is a startup weekend for women. The competition was founded by Allison Sawyer, CEO of Rebellion Photonics who was tired of being the only female at CEO events. By providing a weekend accelerator to help give women the rocket fuel they need to launch their company, this will increase the frequency of female CEOs in Houston.

pheramor, tech-startup, wins StartMeNow
Pictured: Pheramor’s Cofounders: Brittany Barreto, CSO and Asma Mirza, CEO of Pheramor, Inc.

“90% of the time, Brittany and I are the only women leading pitches at competitions or presentations, so it was encouraging to see so many intelligent and ambitious women raising one another up as we build, create, and lead companies. The competition was incredibly diverse and included women from all ages, backgrounds, and experiences.”, says Pheramor’s Chief Executive Officer, Asma Mirza.

In an effort to give back and pay-it-forward to female-led startups, Pheramor gave one of its prizes, a one-year office lease at the Houston Technology Center, to the second-runner up, Tiny Heights. “At Pheramor, we believe that if you share the glory, the glory will grow, and so Asma and I decided to give our one-year office space to another female-led startup so she could grow her business,” says Pheramor’s Chief Scientific Officer, Brittany Barreto.

Pheramor was the brain-child of Barreto who decided she wanted to bring genetics into an accessible space. She met Mirza, who brought in the social and data science, and they started the company together. Mirza and Barreto will sit down with the Houston Chronicle to talk about Pheramor and their journey, as well be featured on the Common Quest Podcast.

Pheramor was accepted into the StartHereNow competition because the CEO and CSO are females. Female founders submit their early-stage startup company into the competition. 30 companies applied and 10 were selected to participate. Over 30 women were accepted to participate on teams with the founders. Pheramor’s presentation of their data was a huge hit at the conference, and it was made clear that Pheramor has the technology and algorithms capable of analyzing the genetics of attraction and the metrics to better relationships.

The weekend started with an elevator pitch competition, which Pheramor won as well.

StartHereNow provided a space for women to lead and be inspired.

What is the goal of StartHereNow? StartHereNow is a women’s start-up weekend. StartHereNow helps founders refine their ideas, build their teams, and practice their pitches. The weekend enables women to network and build relationships in the spheres of entrepreneurship, start-ups, and technology. We connect founders to investors.

Mirza and Barreto are well on their way to disrupting the entrepreneur space with their grit and extroverted personalities. “We are so proud of the camaraderie and sisterhood we experienced at StartHereNow, and can’t wait to be pioneers in changing the landscape of the tech-startup world by providing more opportunities for female-led initiatives,” said Asma Mirza.