What exactly are you looking at in my DNA to analyze mutual attraction compatibility?

Pheramor sequences 11 genes proven by scientists to be responsible for attraction and that’s it! We do NOT look at your entire genome. This means we do NOT look at any genes associated with disease, race, hair color, height, etc — nothing, except attraction. These 11 genes will be plugged into our algorithm and will help show you local singles that you are more likely to be compatible with based on science. When looking at the other singles on the app, you will see your compatibility score. These scores are percentages that will tell you the likelihood of seeing sparks flying on a first date.

What does science have to do with attraction?

Pheromones are responsible for attraction. Pheromones are small molecules that are emitted from the body and are smelled by the people around us (whether they realize it or not). That’s right! We are constantly smelling each other’s pheromone profiles and deciding subconsciously how attractive that individual is to us. Instead of swabbing armpit sweat (eww), Pheramor analyzes DNA from a simple cheek swab. This DNA is associated with your pheromone profile. We can then show you local singles and how likely you’ll have instant chemistry with them, and go on better first dates!

Is the science really real?

Yes, the science is really real, and has been validated and proven for the past four decades! Pheromone and attraction studies have been published for decades, with the most recent evidence-based publications generated in 2016. Pheramor was recently published in the top scientific journal Nature Biotechnology. To learn more about the science behind Pheramor, click here.

Is my genetic data safe? Is it used for anything else?

We take the privacy and security of your genetic information very seriously. No one will ever see your genetic data, not even you! Your data will be safely incorporated into your matching algorithm. Your genetic data will not ever be given to anyone else for any purpose without your direct consent. Furthermore, the portion of your DNA that is sequenced by Pheramor will never tell us anything other than your attraction profile preferences and compatibility. Nope, we will never look at your skin color, hair color, eye color, height etc. from your genetics.

How does Pheramor work?

Pheramor uses both your biology and your social technology; we collect your genetic data through a q-tip-like cheek swab and acquire your like, dislikes, and interests from your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc. All of this information will be used in our proprietary algorithm, which is designed to learn your preferences. The more you use Pheramor, the more the dating app learns what types of profiles you prefer and the better it can recommend the most compatible singles for you. Use our app and know if sparks are there before you invest your time on a first date.

Why should I connect my social media to Pheramor when I set-up my profile?

When you connect your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to Pheramor, your hashtags, check-ins, likes, and posts give insight into your likes, dislikes, and interests. We use this data to autopopulate your Pheramor profile and quickly build it for you (don’t worry, you can always change it), so you don’t have to waste time.

Aren’t you tired of seeing every personal description say, “I’m laid back and love adventure?!” Pheramor is helping you navigate the singles community on our platform by building profiles for you to save time and also show you people’s real interests and personalities.

Moreover, the social media data is extremely helpful in aligning nature with nurture (i.e. genetic attraction with social habits, interests, etc.). Not only are we showing you which local singles you will have instant chemistry with due to pheromones/attraction, you will also be able to view shared interests, values, and habits. Pheramor is able to use your social media activity and turn it into an insightful mechanism in finding you romantic compatibility!

Am I required to have social medias in order to use Pheramor?

Nope. We highly recommend to connect Pheramor with your social media accounts so we can help to build your profile. This will help show your real hobbies, likes, and interests. But if you do not have social media or you do not have a lot activities on social media, we provide the options to manually select your hobbies/interests from our database or type yourself.

How is my DNA collected?

You will be sent a Pheramor Kit, which includes your genetic test. Your genetic data is collected through a simple q-tip-like swab. You just swab the inside of your cheeks, put it in the pre-stamped envelope, and send it back to us! No blood, no pain, no sweat! Genetics really is that easy!

What happens to my DNA sample?

Once you swab your cheeks with the q-tip-like swab and send it back to Pheramor, your sample will be barcoded and sent to the lab for DNA sequencing of the genes responsible for attraction. Your identification will be not shared with the lab. The genetic data for attraction will come back directly to Pheramor and stored safely. The remaining DNA sample at the lab will be destroyed and no further use will be allowed.

Why are you better than other dating apps?

No more countless hours spent swiping left on incompatible profiles! Pheramor uses patented-technology that brings the human aspect of dating to the palm of your hand. Know if sparks will fly before you go on your first date by looking at your attraction, personality, and social trends compatibility. No other dating platform is backed by such powerful and accurate technology!


Have more questions? You can send us an email at info@pheramor.com or leave us a message on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.