What Does Web Engagement Mean?

Your web engagement includes your presence and activity on platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter activity. Your hashtags, check-ins, likes, and posts give insight into your social habits, activities, and interests. Aren’t you tired of seeing every personal description say, “I’m laid back and love adventure?!” Pheramor is helping you navigate the single community on our platform by building profiles for you to save time and also show you people’s real social habits and personality. Moreover the web-engagement data is extremely helpful in aligning nature with nurture (i.e. genetic attraction with social habits, interests, etc.). Not only are we matching you with local singles with which you will have instant chemistry with due to pheromones/attraction, you will have a long-lasting relationship because of the shared interests, values, and habits. Pheramor is able to use your social media activity and turn it into an insightful mechanism in finding you romantic compatibility!

How does your app work?

Pheramor uses both your nature and nurture; we collect your genetic data through a q-tip-like cheek swab and acquire your web engagement from your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc. All of this information will be used in our machine learning algorithm, which is designed to learn your preferences. The more you use Pheramor, the more our dating app learns about you and the better it can recommend the most compatible singles for you. Use our app and know if sparks are there before you invest your time on a first date.

What exactly are you looking at in my DNA?

Pheramor analyzes the genes associated with attraction. These genes are associated with the immune system and correlate with pheromones. Pheromones are small molecules that are emitted from the body and are smelled by the people around us (whether they realize it or not). That’s right! We are constantly smelling each other’s pheromones and deciding subconsciously how attractive that individual is to us. By analyzing these genes, Pheramor can predict who you will have instant chemistry with before you even meet each other!

How safe is my genetic data? Is it used for anything else?

We take the privacy and security of your genetic information very seriously. No one will ever see your genetic data, not even you! Your data will be safely incorporated into your matching algorithm. Your genetic data will not ever be given to anyone else for any purpose without your direct consent.

How is my genetic data collected?

Your genetic data is collected through a simple q-tip-like swab. You just swab the inside of your cheeks, put it in the pre-stamped envelope, and send it back to us! No blood, no pain, no sweat! Genetics really is that easy!

What is the Bone Marrow Registry?

The goal of bone marrow registries is to fight blood cancers and disorders including leukemia, lymphoma, and sickle cell disease. One way to do this is by recruiting bone marrow donors to provide a second chance at life for people suffering from these diseases. In the United States, 14,000 patients a year rely on finding an HLA-matching donor from the bone marrow registry. Bone marrow registries enroll donors by swabbing their cheek, analyzing their Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) genes, and adding them into the donor database. 60% of patients are unable to find a compatible donor. The chances are even lower if the patient is from a diverse ancestry. For the patients who do find a HLA-match in the donor registry, 75% of the bone marrow donations are done through a simple blood donation where the peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) are filtered from the donor’s blood and given to the patient; no bones involved!

Is the science really real?

Yes, the science is really real! Pheromones and HLA studies have been proven for decades. Not only that, but big data is the new thing, and Pheramor is using it to help YOU find your perfect date.

Why are you better than other dating apps?

No more countless hours spent swiping left on incompatible profiles! Pheramor uses patented-technology that brings the human aspect of dating to the palm of your hand. Know if sparks will fly before you go on your first date by looking at your attraction, personality, and social trends compatibility. No other dating platform is backed by such powerful and accurate technology!