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Feb. 10th, 2018

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Tips for Online Dating: Houston

The whole point of dating is to get to know a person to see if he or she is a good enough fit for you in the long-run. As the new, modern craze, online dating aims to streamline that whole get-to-know-each-other part by splitting it into smaller, more digestible chunks.

In many ways, online dating puts you ahead of the game. For example, you don’t have to spend as much time probing for information, such as about their career, if they are a dog person or a cat person, what kind of music they are into, and typical first date questions. All the critical information you’d want to know should already be in their online profile.

Among other things, this head start also helps you weed out poor matches before they even strike up a conversation – a feat traditional dating doesn’t have (though there are plenty of pros and cons to each method! Check out our other recent blog post “Online Dating vs. Traditional Dating in Houston”). Even if an unwanted person hits you up, there’s that magical “block” button that helps keep away weirdos and creeps – how we wish that was a thing in the real world too!  

We are taking Houston by storm! Because of Pheramor’s unique ability to make dating faster and simpler through genetic matching and web engagement, people will soon find true love across the world. However, any form of online dating is still a challenge for many people. Love is a walk in the park for everyone. It has its fair share of complications all too familiar us.

So, if you are a single in Houston looking to try out online dating services, you might want to familiarize yourself with the following (unspoken) online dating rules:

#1 - Make Online Safety Your Top Priority

The golden rule of online dating is pretty simple – no matter who you meet, never take the word of any stranger you meet online on the face value. Don’t let your mind stray from the fact that the virtual world is just an extension of the real physical world. You shouldn’t give your personal information away to a stranger at a bar. You definitely shouldn’t follow an old man into a strange white van. The same principles apply to your interactions on the online. The sad reality: people use the Internet to deceive people to steal their information, manipulate their emotions for sick pleasures, and abuse and bully them. Don’t become a victim! Use some common sense, and don’t get suckered into a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Here are a few safety tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Careful What You Post Publicly - Never post anything publicly that you wouldn’t reveal to a stranger in person. Your phone number and exact address shouldn’t be visible to everyone.
  • Avoid People That Pressure You Outside Your Comfort Zone - Exercise caution and back off if your match pressures you into revealing any personal info you’re not ready to reveal yet.
  • Watch For Phishing - Be wary of opening any links in messages that take you outside of Pheramor. If the message sounds like a robot and the URL is a long string of random characters, it’s likely a phishing spam.
  • Set Boundaries - Clearly communicate and establish your intentions with your matches. Be upfront if you’re don’t want to sext and want something more serious. Miscommunication can lead to both of you becoming emotionally damaged in the end.
  • Careful of People Begging for Money - It should be a huge red light if your match pressures you to send money or do any kind of “favor”.

Trust Your Gut Feeling – As they say, better safe than sorry!

#2 - Make Sure That Your Profile Looks Legit

It’s important that your online dating profile appears legit and provides the right information. Not only does an incomplete profile limit your prospects of finding suitable dates, but most people become suspicious when you hide basic information. They might mistake it for a "fake" or catfish profile. That might be a fair conclusion from their perspective. After all, nobody wants to be fooled or taken advantage by a creep, right?

People tend to be more open with themselves online. However, don’t feel pressured to give out information that you're not comfortable sharing publicly. It is okay – even encouraged – that you share your profession, hobbies, taste in music and movies, as well as general likes and dislikes.

Take a moment and think about what really defines you. Stating you’re left-handed might not be as helpful as mentioning you’re a successful lawyer. If you’re unsure, most of your likes and hobbies you can easily transfer from your social media, which Pheramor calculates into its search algorithm anyway.

#3 - Profile Pictures are Super Important!

First and foremost, Pheramor focuses on matching individuals on their most unique aspect – genetics and personality. However, there’s no denying that in the realm of online dating, a profile picture speaks more than a thousand words. You can perhaps tell from your own experience with social media sites that users can quickly connect with people whose profile pictures pique their interest.

What makes the perfect profile picture? Is there a science to selfies? It’s all about tapping into the psychology of the viewer. Here are some quick tips:

  • Show Your Face - Make sure your face is clearly visible! People naturally connect with the emotions of a face. Hiding your face makes you look suspicious.
  • Smile - Always remember to smile! Your smile reflects your personality and shows you're excited to be on the app. If you’re the funny type, it could be a goofy smile. You don’t have to show your teeth or use lipstick either. Just be yourself and look happy.
  • Put a Shirt On! - Avoid shots focusing on your chest, booty, or crotch. More than likely, those kinds of pictures make you look desperate and will attract the wrong crowd.
  • Edit or Not? - Decide for yourself if you want to use filters. Many free photo editing programs allow you touch up the lighting, crop out parts, and add fancy backgrounds. These changes can enhance a profile picture by making it more clear and more eye-catching. On the other hand, edits might distract viewers and make you seem fake.
  • Dress Nice - Wear a nice outfit. Wearing a dirty t-shirt with holes in it might not give others a good impression of you. Think about how you want to portray yourself given your qualities and intentions. If you're a business owner, try a button-down and colorful tie. Most of all, have fun! If it’s close to Halloween, maybe you want to show off your trick-or-treat costume.

Think About the Setting - Avoid the classic bathroom selfies. Most people see them as trashy. Be aware of the background of your shot and how it might influence matches. If you took the picture in your bedroom, did you make your bed and clear the floor? Every detail counts in the right image. If you love the outdoors and adventuring is a big part of your standards, show yourself camping or on a hike! Your picture should do more than just show you physically. Let it paint the story of your life.  

#4 - Crafting the Perfect First Online Dating Message

The first message is the single most crucial factor that determines the initial impression you make. Unfortunately, most people screw up at this point. Just as in traditional dating, we can get nervous or overconfident and scare off our dates. Don’t worry, though! Sending an appealing first message is not exactly rocket science. Just focus on the following points, and you will do just fine:

Be brief -  People hate reading online, and matches aren’t there to skim over an essay of your life. Writing long paragraphs for introduction will scare off most people and waste your time. Keep it to a one-sentence minimum.

Watch for Good Grammar and Spelling – While this might sound trivial, bad grammar and too many spelling mistakes make you seem lazy or uneducated. Everyone understands that the digital world is more casual than in person - but put some effort to sound like an adult!

Use the Right Tone - Be yourself and use the same tone as you would use while talking in person. A good sense of humor is a bonus, but you don’t have to pull off a George Carlin or Amy Schumer in your first message.

Don’t Be Too Forward - Wait to try to invite a response. Don’t make any assumptions and jump into aggressive flirting.

Be Smart in Your Compliments - Be cute and honest. At the same time, be careful you don’t sound like a creep. It’s a good idea to highlight something mentioned on their profile.

Be Patient - If you don’t get an immediate response, don’t panic. It’s normal for people to save replies for after work when they can really devote time to getting to know you. After a week though, you can safely assume the person probably isn’t an active user or you did something wrong. Which leads us to our last point…
Be Ready for Rejection - If the match suddenly drops communication or rejects you, be polite and take it as a learning experience. Don’t worry! There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

#5 - Deciding When to Meet in Person from an Online Date

So, you’ve been chatting online for a while, how do you know if you’re ready to take to the next level? Pheramor is a great opportunity to bring single together and find your true love. However, you don’t want to stay locked behind a screen forever! You eventually want to go from the digital world to ultimately sharing every part of life together. Although it can be scary meeting someone for the first, here are some things to consider:

Safety - Don’t agree to meet for a physical date unless you feel comfortable with the person. Have your first meeting in a public place.  

Geographical Barriers - Ask yourself, how physically far away are they from you? Are you willing and able to meet them halfway? Long-distance relationships can be very stressful. They’re not for everyone.

Make The Date Worth It! - Now that we’re talking about traditional dating, take your time to plan the date carefully. Your match might have to change their schedule or travel far to get to you. Make it worth their while by really investing in the occasion. A “date” to McDonald’s is a joke. The opposite - overdoing the date - could scare them as well! Even though you’ve met and have established a connection online, it’s still a first date experience. You might want to try surprising the person by centering the occasion around your mutual interests. Do you both love animals? An afternoon exploring the zoo could be romantic! Be creative, safe, and have fun! You both have come a long way to get to the point of physically meeting.

Pheramor: Moving Beyond Random “Swipes”

Unlike most dating apps out there, Pheramor doesn’t require you to swipe till your fingers bleed before you can find a real match. We use a scientific approach based on decades of research on pheromones and also incorporate your web presence by analyzing your social media.

The app, scheduled to release at Feb. 10th, 2018, uses a sophisticated AI system to find you matches based on your personality-type and genetics.

The future of dating is here, and the lucky singles of Houston will be the first to experience it firsthand.

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